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Outline of Shokei Gakuen

    Head Office

        Address : 1791. Kandatsu Tsuchiura Ibaraki 300-0013. JAPAN

        Tel: 029-831-1686 Fax: 029-831-8636


   Brief History

  - Started as a private special school for children with intellectual disabilities in 1956

  -Founded social welfare coroperation licenced by Minister of Health and Welfare in 1967

  -Special school was closed and moved to social welfare institution(residencial facilities for 30 chuildren with
   ID in 1967)

  -Elementary School and Junior High School teachers were dispatched to the campus from 1972

  -Special school was opened

  -Residencial facilities for adult with ID opened in 1980

  -Residencial facilities hor adult working outside opened in 1989

  -Children's institution closed because all of the residents had grown up to more than 18 years old and
   an additional residencial facilities for adult with ID opened in 1991

  -Group Home called Bodaiju opened in 1994

  -GH called Renge opened in 1996

  -GH called Koumyou opened in 2000

  -GH called Botan opened in 2001

  -GH called Shakunage opened in 2002

  -Day saevice center Kosmos opened in 2003

  -Home help service center Nagomi opened in 2003
(now closed)

  - New Cosmos and Ajisai(GH&CH) opend in 2006

  -Work shop Inaho opened in 2012

  -GH called Nadesiko opened in 2013

  -GH called Ohimano opened in 2014

  -Rebuild Residencial facilities for adult opened in 2016